Bicycle in London

Bicicleta en Londres

London is a city that enjoys a wide variety of means of transport that are managed and organized very efficiently by the British government. Even though the subway is the most used transport by the inhabitants of the city, the bicycle in London is one of the preferred means.

The great disadvantage of using a bicycle in London is none other than climate. The cold, the rain and even the snow negatively affect the least polluting means of transport of all but even so, we still see hundreds of Londoners who go to their jobs by bicycle.

In any case, many Londoners use their own bicycle but you should know that tourists also have the opportunity to move around the city through the network of bicycles that the city itself puts at their disposal. This is the Barclays Cycle Hire network.



Barclays Cycle Hire: bicycles in London

The popular Barclays Cycle Hire is a public bike rental system that is available in central London. More than 6,000 bicycles ready to be rented and used 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, and some 400 stations from which to pick them up or leave them.

Anyone can rent a bicycle in London through the Barclays Cycle Hire, either a city resident or a tourist. Simply, at the station where the bikes are parked, you will have to insert your credit card to obtain the unlink code that will allow you to take your bike.

The credit card is necessary to pay the access fee to this means of transport, which is 1 pound in case you choose to use the bicycle for 24 hours, 5 pounds in case you keep it for 7 days or Only 45 pounds if you decide to use it throughout the year.

On the other hand, you must pay the rental fee itself. The first half is free so if you decide to take the bike to go for a walk in Hyde Park, for example, you will only pay the access fee (1 pound). If you decide to rent the bicycle for an hour you will pay 1 pound more to be added to the access fee and thus, the prices increase in relation to the number of hours you decide to rent the bicycle.



You should know that in London do not walk around with nonsense and in case you do not return the bike in time due to the fine is 150 pounds. In addition, in the event that the bicycle suffers damages you may end up paying 300 pounds of fine and the same amount in case you do not return the bicycle.

In short, any city dweller or any responsible tourist can use the bicycle in London to take a walk through any of the parks in the city or to move from one place to another without the need to walk. 100% recommendable.

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