Neighborhoods and areas of London

Oxfod Street
South Bank

The neighborhoods and areas of London in total are 33, however, there are some more important than others in relation to tourism or historical circuits.

For example, on a typical route, we can not miss visiting Westminster and Whitehall, centers of both political and religious power in England. There are the most famous and prominent monuments of the English capital, such as the Abbey, Big Ben or Trafalgar Square.

Each of the neighborhoods and areas of London has undoubtedly its charm and its particular feature, therefore, it is worth taking a look at the events and attractions of each. From Piccadilly to Convent Garden, passing through Holborn to Fitzrovia. From Holland Park to Greenwich, going through Regent's Park to South Kensington, the city has a lot to offer visitors. The good news is that the means of transport will take you to every corner of this beautiful European capital, the most popular and chosen in the world.

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